Skin Care Prices

Skin Care Prices

All facial treatments are performed by a skin care specialist who is committed to meeting your needs. We want you to be able to count on us to help you relax and take advantage of being pampered. You will receive a specialized treatment that is created only for skin.

Our Signature Facial

60 min BioElement customized facial designed by our skincare specialist which will suit your skincare needs. This facial is designed to provide your skin with exfoliation and rejuvenation. Your skin will be feeling energized, refreshed, clean, youthful and moisturized. 

Extractions included. $60

Glow and Go Express Facial

30 min BioElements facial designed for your skin needs, includes 1 facial mask. Ask about adding extractions. $30

Facial Peels

60 min BioElement facial customized for your skin with a peel chosen to suit your skincare needs. the higher level peel chose the deeper the exfoliation.

Just a Peel

Level 1: $70Level 1: $30 (30% Lactic Peel)

Level 2: $80Level 2: $35 (15% Glycolic, 5% Lactic Peel)

Level 3: $85Level 3: $40 (25% Glycolic, 5% Lactic Peel)